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Business Contept
Cooperation outweighs competition

Cooperation outweighs competition is the core concept and wisdom of XIZI UHC. Over the years, we stick to the development road that is built on cooperation. By carrying out various forms ofcooperation and setting up joint ventures with excellent partners, we keep learning new things and improving ourselves. We believe that through wise cooperation and

teamwork, we can achieve long term development and win-win situation, and make true of great dream of building a long lasting XIZI UHC and an international XIZI UHC.

First cooperation with Top 500 Company
On March 12, 1997, XIZI UHC set up a joint venture with OTIS Elevator of America, which kicked off XIZI UHC’s cooperation with top 500 companies.
Second cooperation with Top 500 Company
In March 2004, XIZI UHC and Japanese IUK, a top 500 company, set up a joint venture of XIZI IUK Parking System Co., Ltd.
Third cooperation with Top 500 Company in March 2011,XIZI UHC signed strategic
Cooperation agreement with Shenyang Aircraft factory under AVIC. The two parties will carry out comprehensive cooperation in both aviation manufacturing field.
Company Vision
Long lasting XIZI UHC, international XIZI UHC.

We dedicate ourselves to becoming a respected and long lasting international company, and we make our contribution to the social progress.

Company values



Social Responsibility
A company without social responsibility has no future. ---- Wang Shuifu
Environment protection
We respect the nature, develop products that are green and environmentally friendly, reduce waste and emission of contaminating materials, and actively fulfill our obligation of environment protection through all kinds of protection and recovering ac
Public welfare and charity
With deep gratitude toward society, we always remember to return to the society by actively participating in public welfare and charity projects, helping people in need, and extending our love to the society.
Sustainable development
with a long-sighted vision, we stick to the development road which achieves a harmony and balance among environment, resource and company operation.
Credibility and management
With good business integrity as the principle, we abide by laws and business ethics, keep transparent of the company operation, increase company and shareholder value, and fulfill the duties to serve the public.
Health and safety
We always take the issue of health and safety as the basis of development. We spare no efforts to ensure the safety and occupational health of our employees, and we promise to provide high quality products and services to safeguard our clients’ safet
Core Competence

Excellent Quality:
Quality is the most effective weapon to seize the market peacefully.
XIZI UHC holds to the most stringent quality standard and applies scientific inspection rules to ensure that each and every product reaches the highest quality standard in the industry. Years of hard work strengthens XIZI UHC’s leading position of quality management in the industry, which meets and even exceeds the highest global resource purchase standard of many international companies.Since its entry into the aviation manufacturing area in 2008, XIZI UHC has absorbed and brought the advanced practices of aviation quality management system into its equipment manufacturing, with the goal of reaching aviation quality standard. Presently the quality management work is under the direct leadership of the company’s top steering committee. By putting more investments in quality management, XIZI UHC will constantly improve product quality and never stop seeking excellence.

Lean production:
XIZI UHC has learned advanced manufacturing technologies and management concepts from its cooperation with international companies. By integrating those to its own features, XIZI UHC developed a unique quality management method named LTS, i.e. Lead to Success. The LTS method stresses a continuous process of customer orientation, value flow, quality first and continuous improvement. It aims to create values at the same time of ensuring product quality.
By implementing LTS method, XIZI UHC successfully improved its lean production and flexible manufacturing capabilities, tapped production potentials, optimized on-site management and increased work efficiency. The efficient and advanced management measures also ensured the reliability of product quality. Now lean production concept has been deeply rooted in every XIZI UHC employee, and has become the company’s most important strategic strength. Lean production gives important strategic support and ensures good income for XIZI UHC’s fast growth.

Technical innovation:
Technical innovation is the powerful engine of company development and the important cornerstone to build a long-lasting XIZI UHC.
We emphasize independent research and innovation, and provide innovative reliable product and solution to our clients. We pay attention to the needs of clients, which is the start point of our technology applications, and we take initiatives in thinking how to create additional values for our clients. Therefore, we established several state level laboratories and testing centers, and our research covers elevator, elevator component, electronic system, parking system, waste heat boiler, aviation parts, and so on.

Energy conservation:
It is a common task of all human beings to protect the earth and cope with environmental and climate challenges.
As an equipment manufacturing company, we put the development of green and energy saving products to the top of our company strategy. By holding to energy conservation oriented technical innovations, we value sustainability and energy conservation in our technology development, which is the motive of our efforts in green technologies.
In the process of design and manufacturing, we work hard to explore alternative materials and advanced technologies that are more sustainable and more energy saving. We have successfully developed new energy saving products which are used in elevator, elevator component, boiler, and building.

Cooperation with Universities:
When emphasizing innovation in product application, we also follow closely the technological development trend. By carrying out close cooperation with famous universities, we accelerate the process of innovation and the complementarity of knowledge and skill. In 2010,XIZI Research Institute of Zhejiang University was established, which carries out research work in areas of aircraft component manufacturing, composite material, energy saving and intelligent building, high-end electromechanical equipment and management output.

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