Elevator Truss

The Escalator Section of Xizi Heavy Industry has a 20,000 m2 specialized factory building for welded structure, 7 truss structure production lines, of which 3 are standard high speed lines, and 2 are non-standard lines. Since its first production of escalator truss structure in 1997, Xizi Heavy Industry has now 19 years’ experience and has adopted lean production philosophy and EN1090 welding quality insurance system. The annual output is over 10,000 sets.


Technical Capacity

3D modeling, finite element analysis, strength calculation


Truss structure manufacturing capability

Maximum dimension: no support in the middle, lifting height 24m; chord member 200*200 square tube; walkway length 155m


Truss structure automatic welding

Automatic welding by robot has been realized for the up and down ends of XOEC standard business use elevators, and it was also realized for the middle part in February 2016.


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