Steel Series

XIZI HIC was established in 1998, a subsidiary of XIZI UHC, with a registered capital of 100 million CNY, a high technology enterprise in Zhejiang Province. XIZI HIC has obtained the Grade A certificate for steel structure contracting and Grade B certificate for designing. In the past 20 years of stable development, XIZI HIC is emerging as a great enterprise in the field of many different steel structures, like civil buildings, public buildings and industrial buildings. XIZI HIC has projects all over the world, ranges from equipment manufacturing, to chemical industry, store & logistics, transportation facilities, and public facilities. XIZI HIC was honored with Luban Prize for Construction Project, National and ProvincialJingang Award, High quality structure award and LEED Gold certification for New Construction.


X9-477 House Panel

Xizi Heavy Industry steel structure x9 enclosure system product has obtained many national patents, and also the certificates from Suzhou Waterproof Research Institute of China Construction Material Research General Institute, German TUV and Shanghai Weipu Testing. It is the first choice enclosure product for industrial construction.

1.Wave crest reaches 70mm, high efficiency in draining water
2.Technique of glue injection by arris slab
3.Technique of adding lateral enhancement rib

X9 Z Type Purline

X9 Z type purline features
1.Technology of pre-made holes at the wing edge
2.Effective control on the roof slab width and wave crest height
3.Guarantee of effective water drainage cross section area
4.Insurance of construction quality

X9 Self Tapping Crew

X9 self tapping crew features:

1.Aviation level surface treatment technique

2.No rusting or corrosion for 10 years

3.EPDM rubber washer

4.High temperature 120℃ and low temperature 45℃

5.No cracking and aging retardant

Double Shaft Sliding Support

Double shaft sliding support
1.Double shaft support design to enhance the roof slab rigidity
2.Closed section 304 stainless steel connection claw for improved tensile performance
3.Sliding rod has brittleness limit switch device to ensure the connection claw is centered
4.Effective release of temperature stress, to avoid damage to roof slab due to deformation by temperature change

TP Washer

TP washer

1.Effective blocking the metal surface from the purline in the connection to prevent cold bridge phenomenon

2.Preventing the generation of condensed water on the roof

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