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Optimax R & D team has 100 engineers, 112 patents. With the two core technology of bottomless box products and LCD display, the touch LCD bottomless box product developed by Optimax won IF Industrial Design Award in 2009, becoming the industry’s first enterprise to get the prize. Making use of the advanced PWM control technology, XIZI has launched the latest generation of environmental-friendly and energy-saving elevator system which is currently the most advanced elevator parts in China.


Integrated Elevator Controller
Precise & Exquisite: Dual 32-bit CPU, modulized and integrated, which brings reliability and perfection
Energy-Efficient: Vector control algorithm, direct leveling. Lead-free, green and environment friendly. Looped group control
Versatile and Economical: Compatible both with synchronous motor and asynchronous motor, no need for PG card. Self-learning of the encoder angle after power-off or break-down. Dedicated debugging interface, password protection
User-Friendly: Multiple functions are integrated. Affordable and competent
Integrated Escalator Control Cabinet
Rich Functions: This series of products has different operation modes, and integrated escalator has 54 kinds of functions, especially the self learning function, CHECK function, and rapid identification of escalator state, safe and reliable, and the operation debugging is simple.
Safe and reliable: MSCB safety board is one of first batches at home to pass the PESSRAER certification, and safety grade reaches SIL2 grade
Perfect integration: Integrated inverter is the perfect integration of logic control and variable frequency drive, with reliable operation and simple circuit. Drive control uses 32-bit DSP processor chip, and logic control uses 32-bit ARM processor chip, strong in processing ability with superior performance and stable operation.
Complete product range: The escalator controller is complete in product range: IC 303-A bypass frequency conversion controller, IC1002-A full frequency controller, GC1301-A power controller
CON9200-A/CON7000-A Integrated Drive
Independent R & D: This product is dedicated drive for escalator independently developed and produced by Xizi Optimax
Perfect Integration: Perfect integration of logic control and inverter driving, reliable in operation with simple lines
Outstanding Performance: Drive control uses 32-bit DSP processor chip, and logic control uses 32-bit ARM processor chip, strong in processing ability with superior performance and stable operation
Rich Functions: Integrated drive and logic board can achieve universality between bypass frequency controller, full-frequency controller and power frequency controller universal, easy in debugging and low in maintenance cost.54 kinds of integrated functions of escalator can be realized.
EMCB Multi-Functional Safety Board
Independent R&D: EMCB multifunctional safety board is escalator programmable electronic safety systems independently developed and produced Optimax.
Safe and reliable: Use dual 32-bit CPU redundancy with mutual check, mutual diagnosis and self-diagnosis design, meeting the SIL level requirements of new national standard GB16899-2011.
Rich Functions: With eight major security functions including non-operating reversal protection, as well as escalators self-learning and self-CHECK and other features.

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