Crane Series

Hangzhou Crane is the first specialized company in China to produce bridge crane and portal crane. It is in the leading position for high precision specialized cranes. The company has qualifications of National Special Equipment Manufacturing Grade A Permit and Special Equipment Installation and Modification Grade A Certificate. It joined Xizi UHC in 2004. In 2008, Hangzhou Crane manufactured 500t/h grab ship unloader for the world’s largest steel company ArcelorMittal.


Hangzhou Crane European Style Single Beam LX Suspension Crane

Single beam suspension crane can be installed on the roof structure of existing factory building, and can be used only for part of the factory area based on the actual needs. By using side suspension arm, the trolley can travel outside of the crane span.

BZD Cantilevered Crane

BZD cantilevered crane can meet various operation needs and the lifting of large object. Cantilevered cranes are mainly used around machines or at a small working area. They can be selected for a rotation angle of 180º, 270º or 360º. They can be installed on the wall or by columns.

Hangzhou Crane European Style Single Beam HQES Bridge Crane

HQES single beam bridge crane has a high rigidity and small dead weight, reducing the crane wheel pressure and the load on tracks. With outstanding design and distinctive features, this crane type boasts high cost-effectiveness. The incorporated European style new type wire rope hoist also enables high work efficiency and reliability.

Hangzhou Crane European Style Double Beam HQES Bridge Crane

The European style double beam crane has a good ratio of dead weight to rated load, and the hoist trolley has excellent low clearance capability, allowing the hook to move to the height between two beams, so the lifting height can be improved substantially.

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