Human Resources
Performance Management
We emphasize on good performance, and a people oriented culture that can put the talent into best use, tap their potential, carry out humanistic management
and strengthen team construction. We set up a performance evaluation system to inspire employees on unified standards. A rational goal
and standard is set at each level and employees will be rewarded based on his/her performance in a fair manner.
Learning and Development
We create tailor-made learning programs for all employees, which can effectively integrate employee skill evaluation and learning program design with salary raise and job promotion. These programs effectively improve the employee’s skills and learning capabilities and create a good learning atmosphere inside the company. The company makes a clear career development road and successor plan for every employee. In terms of management personnel cultivation, 70% are promoted from within the company and 30% are brought into the company from outside, which lays a solid foundation for the employee’s learning and development.
Salary and Welfare
In line with our excellent operation performance, we offer diversified and competitive salary and welfare. Insisting on the philosophy of sharing profit with employees, we provide the following welfare to safeguard our employee’s interests.
- A comprehensive salary system.
- A complete labor/health insurance system including: pension, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance, supplementary commercial insurance, housing provident fund.
- A holiday and annual leave system in accordance with state laws and regulations.
- An outpatient medical insurance for dispatched employees.
- Safety insurance for employees going on an overseas business trip.

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